Expert leadership in customer-focused technological platforms!

Innovative Career Technologist with over 25 years’ experience delivering creative, client-centric tools, with value-driven solutions. Proven leadership experience ranging from architecting complex technical solutions to reorganizing business models. Technology generalist, committed to designing high quality services with excellent end user experiences. Proficient in a wide range of technical domains, with broad expertise and business acumen. Entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer of a successful technology startup showcasing the ability to quickly respond to market pressures.

Automated key processes:

Provided customers with automated portal, reducing repetitive work.

…and Leader and Team Player:

Built ISP network and trained team members on installing and maintaining equipment.

…and Creative Problem Solver:

Handled a wide variety of tasks, including contracts and advertising.


Automation · Data modeling · AI Libraries & algorithms · DevOps · Data Migration · Data Integration · Infrastructure · Cloud · Python · C/C++/C# · SQL · Javascript · Linux · Networking


Opera · Piano · Organ · Directing · Choir · Accompanying

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